About Double Diamond

I follow a Double Diamond design process model for all my UX/UI projects.

What is the Double Diamond framework?
According to the Design Council UK website, “The Double Diamond is a visual representation of the design and innovation process. It’s a simple way to describe the steps taken in any design and innovation project, irrespective of methods and tools used.”
In 2003, Richard Eiserman, the director of design and innovation, conducted a study of the existing methods and practices of the Design Council and determined a “flexible framework in which these methods could be used”.
According to the Design Council’s website, the double diamond process consists of four distinct phases:

Discover – this is the exploratory research phase that establishes the background of the research and broad questions.

Define – this phase allows us to narrow down the question, synthesize the research findings and understand the connection between users’ goals and needs. Then, based on these insights, one comes up with the final brief.

Develop – is the phase where one focuses on ideating and developing a single or multiple potential solutions.

Deliver – this is the phase where you narrow down the potential solutions to the final developed product and prepare it for launch.

UX Design Process Double Diamond Methodology Framework